Sunday, February 3, 2013

Look Book: A Garden and a Scone.

Cream Tea at the Garden Centre, somewhere outside of Ditchling, I felt like doing full 50's today. Dress and coat, designed by me (made by Mom as usual!) were inspired by circa 1953. I like the mix of the pastels with the black and white and the two different checks, (note the back of the coat, where the checks match up perfectly! - my mother really is a mastery dressmaker). Vintage pearls, Vintage grey gloves, Vintage purse, and the shoes I found at Primark the day before for the bargain price of $10!!
My Mom then took me to a delightful place in a random industrial estate area that goes by the name of Mabel's Magnificent Emporium!. Filled with a myriad of vintage knick knacks and a cute Tea Shop, which of course we stopped to indulge in!

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  1. Wonderful detail in that coat,really nicely done.....would it be possible to get fitted and how?